That Day: The Story of Our Relentless Pursuit of Life's Great Rewards - 12/1/2018

1 Dec 2018, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Holy Trinity Christian Church, 5000 McGinnis Ferry Road, Alpharetta, GA, USA Map

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That Day is the story of our relentless pursuit of rewards that matter.

Aarron Pina, corporate trainer, marketplace ministry leader, and professional storyteller uses 12 different characters to tell the story of Dan Matthewson - a man's man in pursuit of God's plan for his life... who encounters a few "distractions" and "interruptions" on the way to closing the biggest deal of his career.

• Scott Smith, Evangelism Consultant for the GA Baptist Mission Board calls it "the most effective way to get men to ask the most important questions about their faith."

• Aaron Born, former US Marine, and leader of Victory World Church's "Men United" movement says "I grew up in church and I've seen a lot of 'skits', but... I was surprised at how it just wrecked me."

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